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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Survey Report On Students Exercices


The purpose of the survey was to evaluate how much sports and exercise the students do around the world. I will demonstrate how many hours the students do exercises per week and if they think exercises are good for them. The goal of the survey was to validate that the students do not do enough exercise in their life.


The sample I used to make the survey consisted of ten questions about sports and exercises. Only 21 students, the majority from Quebec and two individuals from Europe, answered my survey. Principally, the questionnaire had multiple choices or the individuals had to write their answer.


Our results show that 95 per cent of the people who answered the questions, know that exercise is good for them but only 38 per cent do exercises for their health. I think that people understand the necessity to do exercises but they are too lazy to do them.


The results demonstrate that the majority of the people do not do enough exercises. They are probably too busy and they do not want to dedicate more then 1 hour per week to exercise.


It is safe to assume that according to this survey it is difficult to properly analyze the results because of the small amount of people who answered. The results of the survey are not convincing because the answers vary a lot. Generally, the students know that exercises are good for them but just 35 per cent do 5 hours and more.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Survey on sports

If you like sports do on on this link and do the survey i just made !

Monday, February 27, 2006

My city

I live in a small city, Boucherville and they are situating on south of Montreal. In this city, you can do a lot of thinks. In winter, you can play hockey in a multitude ice outside. You can skate on a beautiful circle. In summer, you can make roller blade and go see a movie. In Boucherville, the landscapes are so beautiful and you can go walk on the seaside. This city is near too Montreal and Longueuil. My city, it is rumoured that it's rich and snob.